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Updated: May 10

Kashmir scarf and shawl have increased in popularity throughout Europe, USA, and many countries of Asia such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. They are valued for their light weight and warmth but breathable fabric. The unique characteristics are Paisley design, Fishbone design, Kalamkari (stunning design) including, Hashi-Daar patterns. These make Kashmir shawls well known on a global scale. The shawl evolved into high-grade material used as a symbol of exotic luxury status. Kashmir shawl has since become a toponym for the Kashmir region itself (cashmere, named after Kashmir), inspiring mass-produced imitation industries in India and Europe, and popularising the fishbone pattern (pattern on the photo below) Buta and motif, today known as the Paisley motif

In recent years Kashmir shawls have gained much more popularity in China

where there are high demand from both local people and celebrities to have pashmina shawls from KASHMIR. Cashmere artisans, who are the most experts in scarf art (weave, embroidery, and needlework) work for a year to finish one piece of shawls.

Herringbone or Fishbone pattern, famous for New Generation because design and color is soft with light weight and easy to carry.
Kashmir scarf AKA Pashmina

We all have seen some actors and actresses in Hollywood movies with tight

Kashmir scarfs on their necks leading to the popularity of this trend until now. At

present, Kashmir shawls and scarves are in high demand worldwide. Tourist

destinations such as, Thailand also welcome Kashmir shawls and scarves, which

international and local people become more and more interested due to its design,

quality and the craftsmanship being handmade from KASHMIR in particular. We bring to our customers the quality of the fabric, the highly skilled craftsmanship from artisan families spent years making scarfs like the Kani- jamawar shawl and the intricate pattern which has many designs and colors fitting to our customers preferences have always been our strength at our store in Thailand.

**Did you know: Synonym of Kashmir (Cashmere) is Pashmina. So whatever you call, meant Kashmir scarf**

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